(I think I’m one of the few people on the planet that ship them more than Charles/Erik)

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Forever frustrated with how many people don’t realise that Clara’s series 7 arc is about an ordinary woman doing something extraordinary, the very story they supposedly want.

But not nearly as irritated as I am when people attack Amy for not fitting the mold every other main companion falls into. There’s not a shortage of stories to appeal to you on a personal level, let me have this one.

Yes, she’s someone “different”. But that matters.

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Your Food is Secretly Talking About You Behind Your Back

The tequila one though. hahaha :D

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Speaking of Built to Spill, here’s Built to Spill.

From one of my all time favorite albums. :)

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Doctor Who Season 8 Spoilers!


  • The opening episode will feature those classic monsters, the Autons
  • The Master will appear in every story
  • We will be introduced to a new companion, named Jo Grant
  • We will also be introduced to a new regular character, a UNIT soldier, Mike Yates
  • The fourth episode will be the first time since regeneration that the Doctor leaves Earth
  • A leaked working title for the finale episode includes the letter æ


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